Happy Sabbath everyone!
The last two weeks have been filled with travel and adventure. God is working in my life and showing me that even the worst of times seem to work out.
As some of you know my older sister graduated last weekend from LLU. Because of that I have traveled across country twice in the past ten days. Two days of driving and two days of flying....it's amazing how quickly time flies with so much travel. The three days I managed to have at home were very nice. The rest of the time was with family in Loma Linda. I haven't been out there to see the family since before I started college. It was nice seeing everyone and catching up on what's happening.
God gave me a lot of time for thinking during all the travel and I had needed that time. It is so important to truly take time to just think and talk to God. It relieves my soul and clears my head. This last semester of school was a challenge because I took to much upon myself. God helped me through it anyway and blessed my efforts. What a wonderful God He is! I hope that you are all well and rejoicing in the Lord today. God bless. :)